History of Advantage

In 1985 years of deriving knowledge in the fields of visual communication at the advertising division of Holland's largest warehouse started. Ranging from home-brand packaging to all sorts of miscellaneous visual expressions. Good guidance and coordination resulted in an enormous amount of experience and knowledge.

This experience and knowledge continued to expand due to active employment in various companies, which contributed immensely to the strong and solid network we have.

In 1999 Advantage-design was started. We are convinced that we can save you a lot of valuable time with our invaluable network and experience.

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Advantage and Trade

For several years now, Advantage imports their own products. This choice was made when we realized that due to our many contacts all over the world we could seize control over our entire trade by manually selecting the finest and best factories all around the globe.

In order to maintain quality and stability, we frequently visit our factories. Whatever products you are looking for, we can handle it and find the best factory for your exact need.

We also have close contact with many Chinese companies and factories, so if there are any products you wish to export to China: Advantage is the right address.
Mission of Advantage

Advantage is committed to reducing businesses’ reliance on paper packaging in order to conserve our precious natural forests and our ever fragile environment. We strive to work with progressively socially conscious businesses who share the desire to protect our environment for future generations.

With the amount of information on what is happening to our environment, it does not pass any person or any business that something needs to be done. This is why Advantage represented GaiaKraft paper products, these are the alternative to wood pulp paper because it is a low carbon footprint solution. We aim to encourage socially conscious businesses to act and switch to GaiaKraft paper products for their packaging needs.

The more businesses use GaiaKraft, the more they give back to protecting the environment.